Ogen - Black Metal Unbound


BAND: Ogen
ALBUM TITLE: Black Metal Unbound
BARCODE: 8033712040592
RELEASE DATE: June 6, 2011


01. Shattered Earth volcano
02. Black tusk retaliation
03. Crest of the forgotten
04. As a leaden Sun shineth upon
05. A steep slope to desolation


OGEN was formed in 2010 as a solo project of mastermind Hartagga who had the desire to explore the field of extreme metal, pushing his lifelong musical quest further. The path to follow was clear since the beginning: from the early stages of the project, OGEN was meant to contribute its view and compositions to the ever-changing genre of black metal. With this in mind, the songwriting process started to flow easily, revealing OGEN‘s ability to forge tunes made of both black metal edges and episodes of not-so-obvious harmonic tapestry. An EP was born, entitled ‘Black Metal Unbound’, set to firstly declare OGEN‘s will to provide the world of metal with an enchantingly estranging extreme metal outfit, which never lacks perspective and whose wall of sound, easily more relevant than speed for speed’s sake, will take listeners on a trip to the deep heart of forgotten landscapes.

For fans of EMPEROR, OPETH, early IN THE WOODS.