Secrets Of The Sky - To Sail Black Waters


BAND: Secrets Of The Sky
ALBUM TITLE: To Sail Black Waters
FORMAT: CD-Digipack
BARCODE: 8033712041612
RELEASE DATE: October 4, 2013


01. Winter
02. Decline
03. Sunrise
04. Black Waters


Oakland, California-based progressive doom metal sextet SECRETS OF THE SKY (three of the band’s six members each contributing with multiple instruments) projects a unique brand of cinematic, cerebral, atmospheric metal with a heavy persuasion towards doom metal and even more blackened influences.
The debut album from this new but skilled act, ‘To Sail Black Waters’, is a modern and unique mix  of elements from a multitude of genres. With up to three guitar tracks, two and three keyboards at a time and a multitude of vocal styles — clean and epic lines against hollow and blackened battle cries and crushing, low-end growls — the band creates huge buildups and epic movements as expansive as the cosmos.

For fans of The Ocean, Opeth, Isis, Agalloch.