Shaded Enmity - Forsaken And Forgotten


BAND: Shaded Enmity
ALBUM TITLE: Forsaken And Forgotten
FORMAT: CD-Digipak
BARCODE: 888295000215
RELEASE DATE: April 22, 2016


01. We Are The Forsaken, We Are The Forgotten
02. This Is Federal
03. Sadness In Summer Rain
04. No Puedo Dormir
05. If Heaven's Gates Are Closed, Will You Wait For Me?
06. And Life Was Great...
07. What Have You Done, Oxycontin?
08. Indica Dreams
09. It Only Hurts In December
10. Prophecies And Pain
11. They Were Only Children (The Touch Of Perversion)
12. Alleviant Sativa
13. And Life Was Great... (Feat. Warrel Dane)