Tragodia - Mythmaker


BAND: Tragodia
ALBUM TITLE: Mythmaker
FORMAT: CD / CD-Digipack Ltd
BARCODE: 8033712041735 / 8033712041742
RELEASE DATE: November 1, 2013


01. A Cry Among The Stars
02. The Oracle And The Muse
03. A Temple In Time
04. Wisdom In The Meadows Of Sorrow
05. Tidal Waves Of Greatness
06. Once In Arcadia
07. The Stone And The Idol
08. Born Under Niobe
09. Mythmaker
10. The Weeping Rock Of Seriphus


Hailing from Brescia, Italy, long running epic / progressive metal band TRAGODIA strikes back with it’s 3rd full-length album, a brand new episode of challenging musicianship. Hitting harder than on the very well-received ‘Theomachy’, released in 2012, on ‘Mythmaker’ the band embarks on an exciting trip into the realms of Epic, merging the most diverse musical influences in what sounds like a companion to modern heavy metal. Building on classic metal twin guitars attack and relentlessly pounding rhythmic structures, as well on a vocally inspired performance and haunting almost space rock-driven melodies, TRAGODIA crafts its most convincing opus so far. Step forward into the realms of obscure myths and shining musical heights, follow the path of the ‘Mythmaker’!

For fans of Masterplan, Nevermore, Sentenced, Evergrey.